Daggerr introduces the first Russian serial OTF knife! While creating Koschei, we took into account our customers wishes. The knife has following characteristics:

  • The blade is made of D2 steel;
  • The handle has notches for comfortable grip. Black anodized aluminum handle with a deep carry pocket clip.
  • The knife also has skullcrusher (glass breaker).
  • Buying Koschei you also get a small kit for tool maintenance. It includes: a knife case, a screwdriver and additional hardware.
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Ricardo Cardenas
01.12.2020 07:45
I just received the blue OTF knife and I am very impressed. I am a Heretic knife buyer and have a few from that brand. This Daggerr OTF is a solid knife. Its has a solid deployment and sounds solid and not hollow. The blade is D2 and solid. I have several different brands of OTFs and this is on top of the list. I also have the Vendetta which I love. Highly recommend Daggerr knives.
, ₸58758